Sunday , January 24th 2021
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Choose Best GPS Cycling Computers

Choose Best GPS Cycling Computers

Cyclists have always been keen on knowing where they’re going, planning routes, and checking how far, how fast and how high they have been. Paper maps are great for route planning and fine for on-road navigation, and simple computers with a wheel sensor will record vital data. A GPS device brings all that together, as well as showing where you are, where you have been and where you’re going.

One option is a smartphone. With its embedded mapping function backed up by one of the multitudes of navigation and performance apps, it may do everything you need. Yet smartphone battery life can be poor, and phones are not particularly robust or weatherproof.

The other option is a dedicated GPS computer. These range from relatively simple devices that give you just the stats of your ride, through to fully interactive navigation computers that will keep you in touch with social media whilst monitoring your heart, power and cadence, as well as where you are going.

Check out the Top 5 best GPS Cycling Computer in the video below on the devices you can use for your navigation.

The 5 GPS Cycling Computer mentioned in the video above are as follow: