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How To Choose The Right Kids Bike Sizes

How To Choose The Right Kids Bike Sizes

The problem today with kids bikes is that parent are being forced to become experts in them. There are so many different varieties, shapes, sizes, materials and even types of kids bicycles on the market that it is a bit daunting. Since we’re experts in this field, we’re going to answer many questions frequently asked by parents with regard to kids bikes.

Different Styles Of Bicycles

Generally today, there are two types of bicycles. On the one hand you have the standard bicycles with stabilizers. A stabiliser bike has four wheels – two larger ones like a normal adult bicycle and two smaller ones that are usually placed on the back wheel. This is so that the child will not have to balance themselves while learning how to ride a bike. This is fundamentally flawed as no child, no human in fact, will have trouble pushing pedals. What is need is to learn to balance.

This is where balance bikes come in. A very recent invention, the balance bike is a bike that does not have pedals. If this sounds slightly odd to you, don’t worry – many people have expressed the same shock when hearing about balance bikes for the first time. However, the idea is both simple and ingenious. A balance bike will teach a child what they most need to learn and that is balance. They also help with co-ordination and most children prefer balance bikes to normal bikes when they are starting out. The biggest problem is taken care (the balancing) and when the kids are ready for a larger bike, all they need to do is push the pedals with their feet… easy!

Different Materials For Bicycles

The two most common materials used in kids bikes are wood and metal. The wooden bikes are far worse than the metal ones for very good reasons – they are far less durable. They break easier and break more often than a kids bike that has a metal frame. Simply put – the technology to make metal bikes is so much more advanced than that of wooden bikes that getting a wooden bike is a waste of money.

Specialized kids bikes, particularly balance bikes, have become extremely popular in recent years. There is no reason you need to feel daunted by the variety out there now that you have all the knowledge contained in this article. You can now buy a kids bike safe in the knowledge that you will definitely pick the right one.

Melanie Thomas (CEO Melrose Kids Ltd) is a mother of two boys and lives in London, England. Melrose Kids Ltd is the official distributor of Strider Sports products including the Strider PreBike in the UK and Ireland.

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